What is Wet Rot and Dry rot?

Dry rot is only caused by serpula lacrymans is the most serious form of fungal decay in a building. It can spread onto and destroy much of the timber in a very short space of time.

Wet rot occurs more frequently, but is less serious; decay is typically confined to the area where timber has become and remains wet.

Why Does Wet Or Dry Rot Occur?

Outbreaks of dry rot and wet rot start in similar ways. The mature fruiting bodies of wood-destroying fungi that develop during an attack produce millions of microscopic spores and these are widely dispersed by air currents. If they fall on untreated damp wood they will germinate by pushing out a hollow tube called a hypha which grows and branches to form a mass of hyphal threads called mycelium.

This develops inside the timber and breaks down the wood for food. The timber may darken in colour and develop a characteristic cracked appearance. Some wet rots may result in bleaching of the wood; these are more common in doors and window frames. Eventually, the wood loses its strength and in some situations may become dangerously unsafe.

Why Use Damp Shop Services for your Wet and Dry Issues:

We have over 20 years’ experience in this field working on some very valuable houses in and around the South west
Approved contractor for Permagard damp and timber
Approved contractor Triton chemicals in damp and timber
£2,000,000 public liability insurance (Click to View)
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Triton Chemicals for Damp control and Timber Preservation
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What work do we cover?

Wet Rot
Dry Rot (Serpula lacrymans)

Where do most of these problems occur?

Most timber issues are fed from damp areas

What work do we cover?

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Lack of ventilation
Leaking gutters
Timbers going into damp walls
Poor loft ventilation
Blocked up air bricks
Extension added to rear with concrete floor with

How do we diagnose type of wet and dry rot?

We have a variety of latest technology for diagnosing which damp you have:

Protimeter MMS2
Flir Thermal Imaging Camera
Borescope (for viewing in sub floors and cavity walls)

What to do next:

If you suspect your home has fallen victim to rot, call a damp shop services expert surveyor, who will inspect your home, give you an accurate diagnosis and inform you of the best course of action and which kind of treatment would best suit your needs.

The benefits of choosing a damp shop services treatment:

Low hazard, non-caustic and solvent free
Recommended for all types of wood
For both internal and external use
The system used is worked to BS5268 part 5 and in strict accordance with the health and safety executive

The damp shop services timber treatment is environmentally friendly and financially efficient using a Damp shop services timber expert to eliminate this problem will save both money and energy

After work is completed all work comes with a guarantee. E.G Timber preservation has a 20 year guarantee