Mould Control & Remediation

Why Use Damp Services Direct for your mould control and remediation issues?

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Eye, nose and throat irritation
Coughing and phlegm build up
Wheezing and shortness of breath
Symptoms of asthma
Allergic reactions
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Who is most at risk?

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Babies and children
Elderly people
Pregnant women
Those with existing skin problems such as eczema
Those with respiratory problems such as allergies and asthma
Those with a weakened immune system

Why Choose Damp Services Direct to report and decontaminate your property?

We understand the risks due to the training that has been covered.

We use on all jobs a Air Filtration Device with HEPA(High efficiency particulate air) filter this means we will not be contaminating other areas of your property with mould spores we will also use a HEPA Hoover. The area will be contained to stop any cross contamination, to a lot of people this sounds excessive please do a little research into Stachybotrys chartarum this is the most common mould found in properties you will see why we take it very seriously here is a list of training we have received linked to mould removal

There are no standards in UK for removal of mould as it is relatively and is still in discussion we work to IICRC S520 Standard for America and Canada

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Trained in Mould Control & Remediation
IICRC Applied Structural Drying
Decontamination Techniques
Mould Clearance Testing
Fungal Biology
£2,000,000 public liability insurance
Member of the Federation of Small Businesses
Nebosh health and safety general certficate
IOSH Managing health and safety in work place

What work do we cover?

Mould inspection & reporting
Mould removal and decontamination
Cavity wall inspections after flooding
Humidity Control (Biggest cause of mould growth)

How do we diagnose type of damp?

Protimeter MMS2
Flir Thermal Imaging Camera
Experience (correct training on how to diagnose damp in buildings)
Borescope (for viewing in sub floors and cavity walls)
Sometimes Dip Slides are used when mould can be smelt but not seen
Protein Pens (Check wall is clean after decontamination)

What to do next:

If you suspect your home has fallen victim to mould call a Damp shop services surveyor, who will inspect your home, give you an accurate diagnosis and inform you of the best course of action you should take.

The benefits of choosing a damp shop services damp proof course:

Low hazard, non-caustic and solvent free
Non-flammable and virtually odourless
Suitable for walls of any type and thickness
For both internal and external

The Damp Services Direct damp proof course is environmentally friendly and financially efficient – damp walls lose heat a lot quicker than dry walls and using a Damp shop damp proofing expert to eliminate this problem will save both money and energy

After work is completed all work comes with a guarantee. Rising damp has a 20 year guarantee

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