Rising Damp

What is Rising Damp / Salt Damp?

All buildings are surrounded by moisture that is trying to get into the dry structure of the property. However if your property defensives are inadequate, this is when damp problems occur.

Building built after approx 1892 had a damp proof course fitted as standard however these break down during time or damaged due to alterations to the property this then allows moisture to rise up through the wall called wicking or capillary this then travels through the wall to the inner skin via blocked cavity or no cavity wall due to age of building.

Over time the moisture rises up the wall then receeds every time it rises it brings hygroscopic salts with it up from the ground, these salts keep rising every time more moisture rises up and then reduces it leaves more hygroscopic salts it then breaks through the plaster contaminating the plaster and damaging the decoration, once salt is exposed to atmosphere in the room it attracts more moisture from the room, this is a circle that just keeps getting worse.

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Why Use Damp Shop Services for your Rising Damp / Salt Damp issues?

We have over 25 years’ experience in this field working on some very valuable houses in and around the South west

Approved contractor for Wykamol since 2010 damp and timber (click to view)
Approved contractor for Permagard damp and timber
Approved contractor Triton chemicals in damp and timber
£2,000,000 public liability insurance (Click to View)
Member of the Federation of small businesses
Member of Checkatrade

Training was carried out by

Property Care Association for Structual Waterproofing
Triton Chemicals for Damp control and Timber Preservation
Sovereign Chemicals Dianosing Damp and its control.
Nebosh health and safety general Certificate (click to view)
IOSH Managing health and safety in work place
Trained in safe use of chemicals in the work place COSHH

What work do we cover?

Control of Rising Damp
Damp proof course injection only
The eradication of Salt Damp
Full Tanking System
Installation Cavity drain membrane
Airbrick replacement & cleaning
Cleaning out Blocked Cavities
Fitting physical Damp Course
Treatment for high ground Levels
Damp proofing Replastering

Where do most of these problems occur?

Most timber issues are fed from damp areas

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Lack of ventilation
High Ground Level
Bridging Damp course
Changing wooden floor to concrete floor
Blocking or adding doorways
Leaking gutters
Timbers going into damp walls
Blocked up air bricks
Extension added to rear with concrete floor

How do we inspect a property with rising damp

We have a variety of latest technology for diagnosing which rot you have

Protimeter MMS2
Flir Thermal Imaging Camera
Experience (correct training on how to diagnose damp in buildings)
Borescope (for viewing in sub floors and cavity walls)
Speedy Carbide Test
Salts Analysis Testing kit (to check for nitrates & chlorides in walls)

What to do next:

If you suspect your home has fallen victim to damp problems, call a Damp Services Direct damp surveyor, who will inspect your home, give you an accurate diagnosis and inform you of the best course of action and which kind of damp shop damp proofing service would best suit your needs.

The benefits of choosing a Damp Services Direct damp proof course:

Low hazard, non-caustic and solvent free
Non-flammable and virtually odourless
Recommended for brick or stone
Suitable for walls of any type and thickness
For both internal and external use
Can be used on 280mm cavity brick walls
The system carries an Agreement Certificate No 02/3976

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