What is woodworm or wood boring insect?

You're unlikely to see a wood boring insect - and certainly not the worm-like larvae - in your home, but you can certainly see the results - tiny holes in timber and occasionally the dust caused by the boring as the adult beetles emerge from the wood. When do they appear? Woodworm emerge from early through to late summer.

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How did they get in?

Woodworm is often brought into the home unwittingly in secondhand furniture. However, the beetles can also fly into the house from outdoors.

Where do woodworm live?

The Common Furniture beetle, the most common woodworm, likes damp wood and plywood. You'll find it in damp floorboards, old furniture and loft rafters. If you spot a leak, ensure it's fixed and damp wood dried out as soon as possible.

How Much Damage Will They Do?

There's no rush - woodworm are slow acting, so take your time to get your home properly surveyed by damp shop services for your piece of mind and one of the most experienced in the business.

Why Use Damp Shop Services for your Woodworm Issues:

We have over 20 years’ experience in this field working on some very valuable houses in and around the South west
Approved contractor for Wykamol since 2010 damp and timber (click to view)
Approved contractor for Permagard damp and timber
Approved contractor Triton chemicals in damp and timber
£2,000,000 public liability insurance (Click to View)
Member of the Federation of small businesses
Member of Checkatrade

Training was carried out by

Triton Chemicals for Damp control and Timber Preservation
Nebosh health and safety general Certificate (click to view)
IOSH Managing health and safety in work place
Trained in safe use of chemicals in the work place COSHH

What work do we cover?

Removal and eradication of Woodworm

Common Furniture Beetle (Anobium punctatum)
By far the most common insect estimated to infest about 75% of properties in the UK. All buildings over 30 years old are susceptible to infestation by this insect.
Death Watch Beetle (Xestobium rufovillosum)
This insect confines itself to infesting large sectioned hardwoods, often associated with an attack of wet rot.
Wood Weevil
is an insect that prefers extreme damp conditions and decay. Chemical treatment is therefore not always necessary as dry timbers will not be affected by Weevil.
House Longhorn (Hylotrupes bajulus)
Seldom found outside the south of England, this insect infects the sapwood of most softwoods, particularly roofing timbers. Other insects can be found attacking timber, these include: Bark Borer Beetle, Pinhole Borer Beetle and Beetles of the Lyctus species to name but a few.

How do we diagnose type of woodworm infestation?

We shall draw up the correct specification for the elimination of the woodworm infestation, and state any special requirements for difficult pests eg. Death Watch Beetle or House Longhorn.

Where do most of these problems occur?

Most timber issues are fed from damp areas

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The type of insect and extent of the infestation.
Whether the infestation is active or inactive
How much structural damage, if any, has occurred.

What to do next:

If you suspect your home has fallen victim to woodworm, call a damp shop services expert surveyor, who will inspect your home, give you an accurate diagnosis and inform you of the best course of action and which kind of treatment would best suit your needs.

The benefits of choosing a damp shop services treatment:

Low hazard, non-caustic and solvent free
Recommended for all types of wood
For both internal and external use
The system used is worked to BS5268 part 5 and in strict accordance with the health and safety executive

The damp services direct timber treatment is environmentally friendly and financially efficient using a Damp shop services timber expert to eliminate this problem will save both money and energyAfter work is completed all work comes with a guarantee. E.G woodworm eradication after the treatment a 20 year guarantee will be issued.

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