Pre Purchase Damp & Timber Reports

Your buying you’re ideal home, you’ve agreed the price with vendor, you’re mortgage company have sent the chartered surveyor to inspect and value the property, the report comes through and it says you need a specialist the asses damp and timber as high reading were recorded on some walls. Do not worry this is a very popular request over 75% of house survey this is the request, That is where we come into our own because you are now doubting whether this is the dream home or not. We will give you a honest report that will give you peace of mind that the house has been inspected thoroughly and no nasty surprises when you move in, There is a small fee for this but when thinking of the investment you are making this fee has now come even smaller.

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Why choose us over another company you ask?

We are not a rising damp specialist we are damp specialists which covers all aspects of building construction including something as simple as ventilation issues to poor cavity wall insulation

What is covered by Damp Shop Services in the Pre Purchase survey

Inspect the wooden floors for rot and wood-boring beetle infestation
Assess where there is sufficient air ventilation in the sub floor
Inspect the roof timbers for rot & wood boring infestation
Inspect basement or cellar for signs of water ingress & ventilation issues
Measure moisture in walls on ground floor for rising damp or penetrating damp
Inspect property for any signs of condensation related issues
Comment on the general condition of building
A complete roof and rainwater goods inspection

All the above are of course, subject to your instruction and requirements.The most important aspect of any survey is whether access within the property is available. Surveys will always be limited by things such as dry lining, laminate floor coverings, carpets, furniture and fixed items like radiators and kitchen units. However our members use mini cameras, endoscopes and dual mode moisture meters to try and see as much of a property during a survey as they possibly can.

I’ve already had to pay for a survey!

The chances are that you’ve had to pay for a mortgage valuation, (this is for your bank or building societies benefit), or you might have paid for a chartered surveyor to carry out a ‘Homebuyer’s report’. If a damp & timber report has been specified as a result of these reports this is because the surveyor has identified a potential problem that needs further investigation by a specialist. A suitable example is that you go to your GP with a problem, if he or she isn’t sure how to deal with it they will refer you to a consultant who specialises in the specific problem.

The cavity had not been cleared properly during construction
Building work, such as replacing windows or fitting a conservatory, result in debris being left behind in the cavity
During general home improvements, such as fitting a vent of balanced boiler flue
Poorly fitted insulation
Insulation contractors not using brushes to stop airbricks from blocking
Corroded cavity wall ties

Do you charge?

Nothing in life is free! So in a word, YES, we will make a charge, this depends on the location, the size of the property and what you was us to inspect, the cost usually range between £75 - £250 + VAT – sometimes this may be more, sometimes less. We charge for the simple reason that if there isn’t a problem (i.e an opportunity for us to quote for work) we will tell you

We have over 25 years’ experience in this field working on some very valuable houses in and around the South west
Approved contractor for Wykamol since 2010 damp and timber (click to view)
Approved contractor for Permagard damp and timber
Approved contractor Triton chemicals in damp and timber
£2,000,000 public liability insurance (Click to View)
Member of the Federation of small businesses
Member of Checkatrade

Training was carried out by

Property Care Association for Structual Waterproofing
Triton Chemicals for Damp control and Timber Preservation
Sovereign Chemicals Diagnosing Damp and its control.
Nebosh health and safety general Certificate (click to view)
IOSH Managing health and safety in work place
Trained in safe use of chemicals in the work place COSHH

What do we use to inspect the property

Protimeter MMS2
Flir Thermal Imaging Camera
Experience (correct training on how to diagnose damp in buildings)
Borescope (for viewing in sub floors and cavity walls)
Speedy Carbide Test
Salts Analysis Testing kit (to check for nitrates & chlorides in walls
Thermal hygrometer (Identifying condensation)

What to do next:

Fortunately this bit is simple! Contact Damp Services Direct by clicking on the button and giving us as much information as possible.

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